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March 15, 2007

Mexico - Part II

We left San Carlos on Sunday morning, March 4th, and retraced our step back north to Hermosillo. It is a large city of about 1 million people.  As we needed to pick up a few items before heading west to the coast, we stopped at a WalMart on the west side of the city.


The road to Bahia Kino ( pronounced Bah-HEE-ah KEY-no) is flat and generally straight with possibly 4 or 5 gentle curves.   It goes through some excellent agricultural land as well as groves of oranges and large pecan orchards.  The road itself is obviously new and therefore has very wide shoulders that you pull  onto, to allow other vehicles to pass.

IMG_4456_editedThere are two distinct parts to Kino Bay, the old town and Bahia Nuevo, the new area.  The new area is mainly non-Mexican with quite modern houses lining the beach.  The residents in that area come into the old town to do their shopping.  There are a couple of RV parks out there but we decided that we would rather be in the old part of town and stayed at a small park. This picture is taken from the wharf looking back at the beach in front of the park. 

We have seldom been greeted so warmly as we were at Islandia Park, and that is saying something since this lifestyle is so friendly.  We were immediately invited to join in happy hour and a couple of nights later were included with everyone when they went to a local restaurant for dinner.   We went to “the potato man” – a restaurant that serves the biggest baked potatoes we have ever seen.  We were advised that we would probably not be able to eat it all.  They had to be 6–7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter and were stuffed with butter, cheese and pulled beef.   We ordered one between us and 2 tacos and that was all that we needed.  The bill was 440 pesos – $4.40 U.S.


Bahia Kino is a working fishing village and in the evening we counted at least 100 boats, returned for the night, on the beach.  They don’t pull them up, they just run the engines full out and aim at the beach, tilting the motors just before they run into the sand.  The boats skid up on the beach far enough to be out of the water.



 We walked the beach at sundown and were treated to some beautiful sunsets.

 We felt in Bahia Kino that we were actually more in the real Mexico than we have been before.


We left Kino Bay on Friday March 9th and once again headed back through Hermosillo on our way to the border at Nogales.  The road travels through large areas of grassland and evidence of  fire, particularly beside the the road, was common.  For miles and miles, there are bulldozed fire break roads on each side of the fence.  In a number of areas, the telephone poles beside the road are wrapped in metal up 6 to 8 feet and we can only guess that was to protect them from the fire.

The northbound side of  Mex 15 is a much better road than the southbound.  It has much wider shoulders and seems to be newer.  Our guess is that southbound was the original 2 lane road.  Anyway, the drive didn’t seem nearly as long coming back north.

We arrived back in the U.S. with little problem and decided to stop for the night at the Diamond Desert Casino south of Tucson.  We did some shopping as we had reduced our food supplies, because of US Customs regulations, to cross the border.

The next segment of the journey was to Las Vegas where we had a family reunion with our girls and their men.

Till then

Bernie & Ross


Posted by Bernice at March 15, 2007 09:06 AM


Enjoy hearing of your adventures and looking at the wonderful pictures, you should be working for National Geographic.
Marg. & Wayne

Posted by: Margaret Coker at April 3, 2007 08:35 AM